• (9) Machines with hole ranges from .625” to 10.125” diameter
  • Lengths up to 20 feet
  • Lifting capacity to 20 tons
  • Table capacity to 50,000 pounds
  • 24/7 production available

Quality System

Carlson Quality

"We have had a long relationship with them. It is apparent that they have long term relationships with most of their clients. I wish I had more vendors like them. It's nice to have someone who is competent and good at their core business.."


Energy, Heavy Equipment, Medical, Oil/Gas, Mining, Metals Industry, Forging, and many more

"Carlson can do a lot of different things. Their machines are very impressive. The type of work, the quality of work and the versatility are only a few of the things they do well."


Our attentive, experienced staff uses tools including computer-driven scheduling to assure timely project completion and delivery.  Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

Deep hole drilling - Tubing Steel parts

Deep Hole Drilling

Carlson Tool has specialized in deep hole drilling since 1964.  Our employees have accumulated over 100 years of precision deep hole drilling experience.  Combined with today’s technology, we go the distance to meet your hole drilling needs. 

Quality and speed are assured with every order.  In addition to being fully ISO 9001 compliant, Carlson has an integrated quality assurance program.  The entire plant is designed to optimize job flow.  Project management tools ensure your job is delivered on time, on budget and within specifications.  We’re so confident of our ability that we’ll lock in your price and delivery date right on the phone.

Deep Hole Drilling Tacchi machine Precision Deep Hole Drilling in cylinders for aerospace Deep Hole Drilling thin wall tubing Copper Beryllium Alloy Billets surrounded by copper chips

Education of Process

T-max drill head - tooling for deep hole drillingT-Max Drill Head

Solid boring to remove material in one pass with speed and precision.  It has a high penetration rate and is designed to give straighter holes.

Counterbore tool for deep hole drillingCounter Bore Tool

Enlarge an existing hole or remove any excess stock.  It’s also used for close tolerance and optimal surface finish while providing straight hole drilling.

Trepanning tool for deep hole drillingTrepanning Tool

Provides for a fast and economical way to produce holes.  It leaves a solid core in the center of the hole which can be re-used in most cases.

Pull bore tool for deep hole drillingPull Bore Tool

Accurately open up and straighten any existing hole.  It’s commonly used when the concentricity and the bore run-out need to be controlled closely.


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